REACH Edmonton

REACH Edmonton and the Centre for Race and Culture (CFRAC) are teaming up to keep training for frontline workers accessible and affordable in 2019.

With support from REACH, CFRAC will be offering six training opportunities this year at a reduced price.

Four sessions on Refugee Awareness for Inclusive Communities will be held starting with one in June of this year. This training was previously supported by the Government of Alberta, which allowed it to be offered for free. When that funding ran out, REACH stepped in to keep the training accessible by covering the cost of facilitators and refreshments.

This workshop provides community members and service providers with accurate and comprehensive information about refugees and refugee resettlement by: supporting individuals and organization in understanding the pre-migration experiences of refugees, offering practical tools for working with refugee families, and providing ideas for creating welcoming and inclusive environments that ensure sustainable and successful resettlement of refugees and other migrants in Alberta.

The partnership will also provide affordable access to two Effective Intercultural Communication sessions, starting with one on April 18.

This interactive workshop intends to examine the concept of culture, the effect culture has on one’s personal and professional life, as well as the role that our cultural norms and expectations play in our interactions with others. It will equip the participants with practical tools to reflect on their programs and services, apply strategies to challenge cultural bias and discrimination, practice intercultural communication and create a more inclusive workplace where colleagues and clients from different cultural backgrounds feel valued and respected.

For more information, or to register for this session, click here.

The additional 2019 dates for these sessions will be posted online at REACH Edmonton and the Centre for Race and Culture.