REACH Edmonton

Every year, hundreds of Edmontonians join REACH Edmonton on a training journey to enhance their professional practices. Our training is accessible and provides knowledgeable, practical solutions for those working with vulnerable people and diverse populations.

This year, REACH provided training to more than 400 people through eight public sessions and 17 in-service sessions by request.

There is still time to register for the final two sessions, Self-Care Essentials and Supporting Your Muslim Clients.

If you are a registered social worker, REACH workshops are eligible for Category A credits with the Alberta College of Social Workers if they align with your personal learning goals for the year and you submit a Category A Summary Form in your personal portfolio.

Self-Care Essentials (Oct. 22, 2018 )

Front-line workers are very knowledgeable about self-care and healthy coping strategies as healing tools for those they support, however, their own self-care practices often get neglected and forgotten, and that can put their world out of balance.

Understanding impacts of burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma and the importance of engaging in self-care strategies are essential coping mechanisms for front-line workers and agencies alike to develop and maintain.

With this in mind, this presentation will provide an overview of:

• Compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue

• Vicarious traumatization and burnout

• The factors that contribute to these concepts

Participants will have the opportunity to explore and share self-care strategies within a holistic framework.

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Supporting your Muslim Clients (Nov. 7, 2018)

This workshop aims to provide frontline workers, counsellors, chaplains and other care providers with the essential knowledge of Islam and Muslims that will better enable them to provide culturally sensitive care to diverse Muslims. Areas of discussion will include and overview of Islam and Muslims with an emphasis on Edmonton’s Muslim demographics and contemporary issues affecting the community.

This session will be facilitated by Ibrahim Long.

Ibrahim J. Long, MA, is a professional chaplain and educator with over 10 years of experience supporting diverse individuals and families in educational, healthcare, community-based, and correctional institutions. He has published research on the care of Muslim clients and Muslim chaplaincy and has received recognition for his professional and community work. Ibrahim specializes in the study and practice of Muslim chaplaincy, Islamic education, and Christian-Muslim relations. Presently, Ibrahim serves as an educator and Muslim chaplain for Edmonton Islamic Academy as well as a clinical chaplain for the Royal Alexandra and University of Alberta hospitals.

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