REACH Edmonton

Trauma Informed Edmonton is inviting leaders in service provider organizations to take a trauma-informed approach at the organizational level. 

In March 2019, TIE organized a three-day experiential learning event, 2019 Gathering on Trauma-Informed Practice, which was well received by 147 front-line workers. 

Based on the feedback from this event and an environmental scan that TIE initiated in 2018, TIE believes that implementing trauma-informed approach at the organizational level is an essential step to ensure skills and knowledge their front-line workers gained are put into practice. 

“It is very difficult to implement trauma-informed care when the organization program is structured in a way that is not trauma-informed,” said one participant of thr environmental scan.

In response to this finding, Trauma Informed Leadership Series 2019 is being organized by TIE. The series invites supervisors, managers, and leadership members in service provider organizations to learn more about trauma-informed leadership and explore the concept through decolonized lens through two workshops and a keynote speech by Senator Patti LaBoucane-Benson. 
For tickets and more information, click here.

Trauma Informed Edmonton (TIE) is a network of organizations and helping professionals who have aligned their efforts to deliver effective training and develop/distribute resources on trauma for front-line workers and policymakers. Partners include Boyle McCauley Health Centre, Edmonton Police Service, EndPoverty Edmonton, Homeward Trust Edmonton, Native Counselling Services of Alberta, NiGiNan Housing Ventures, Today Family Violence Help Centre, and REACH Edmonton.